Get support for your practice and patients. Genentech offers help with access, billing, distribution, and patient education after XOLAIR is prescribed.

XOLAIR Access Solutions for Your Practice

XOLAIR Access Solutions focuses on access, so you can focus on health. XOLAIR Access Solutions is your resource for effective access and reimbursement services.

The first step is to have patients complete and submit the Respiratory Patient Consent Form. Your office must also complete a Prescriber Service Form. Once we have both forms, XOLAIR Access Solutions can begin working with you. Learn more about how XOLAIR Access Solutions can help you and your patients.

Patient Support Materials

Get support for your practice with tools, resources, and educational materials to help patients access and understand their XOLAIR treatment.

Additionally, provide support for your patients with a variety of downloadable resources, along with the programs below.

The Support For You Program

When patients sign up for the Support For You Program, they will get tools and resources to support their treatment journey such as:

  1. Information about XOLAIR and their disease state
  2. Positive support and motivation to stay on their treatment plan

Learn more about the Support For You Program for Allergic Asthma Patients and Support For You Program for CIU Patients

Voices of Inspiration

Voices of Inspiration is a volunteer patient network where patients and caregivers can share their personal experiences with XOLAIR. Their stories can help other patients avoid feeling isolated, understand next steps for treatment, and provide encouragement.

Some examples of real patients' stories that have come from Voices of Inspiration are below.
Allergic Asthma Patient Stories 
CIU Patient Stories