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Support From XOLAIR Access Solutions

XOLAIR Access Solutions helps identify and resolve access and reimbursement issues for patients and practices. Once patients are enrolled, XOLAIR Access Solutions can:

  • Determine a patient's coverage, pharmacy options, and cost-sharing responsibilities
  • Advise on the necessity of prior authorization
  • Guide through the appeals process in case of denial

Access Solutions might also be able to help your patients obtain XOLAIR with a number of payment assistance options, regardless of their ability to pay.

On the Access Solutions website, you can also find information about the following topics:

  • Product Distribution—learn about specialty pharmacies in your area
  • The XOLAIR Starter Program, which helps your patients get access to XOLAIR while you're waiting for insurance authorizations
  • My Patient Solutions®, a service provided to give you the flexibility to submit and check the status of your XOLAIR Access Solutions patient cases when it's convenient for you. With My Patient Solutions, you can: enroll patients online*; view and track your patient cases; view Benefits Investigation (BI) reports; get case status alerts; and request benefits reverification for multiple patients at once.

If you think your patient qualifies for XOLAIR Access Solutions, submit the completed Prescriber Service Form and Respiratory Patient Consent Form to Genentech Access Solutions.

*Programs have specific eligibility criteria.

XOLAIR Patient Education Resources

Download and share the following support resources with your allergic asthma, CIU, and nasal polyps patients when discussing XOLAIR treatment. Select an option from the menu below to filter by topic.

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