What You Need to Know About XOLAIR Formulation Options

There are 2 options in XOLAIR formulation, Vial or Prefilled Syringe (PFS)

Administer XOLAIR only in a healthcare setting by healthcare providers prepared to manage anaphylaxis that can be life-threatening. For more information on anaphylaxis, read Boxed Warning

Be sure to review the full prescribing information, including Medication Guide, before administering XOLAIR to patients. Also, provide and instruct patients to read the XOLAIR Medication Guide before starting treatment and before each subsequent treatment.

Option 1: Use a Prefilled Syringe

  • No reconstitution required

Preparation & Administration

Click on this video to see proper instructions on how to prepare and inject XOLAIR prefilled syringe

Click the tabs below, to learn more about preparing and administering the prefilled syringe

Preparing for the injection

Administering the injection

After the injection

Option 2: Reconstitute From a Vial

Supplies Needed to Reconstitute the Vial and Administer XOLAIR

Once the correct dose has been determined and the necessary supplies have been assembled, you are ready to begin.

Preparation & Administration

Click the tabs below, to learn more about how to prepare the XOLAIR vial, reconstitute the dose, and administer the injection. 

Preparing the Vial

Reconstituting the Vial Dose of XOLAIR 

Preparing the Reconstituted Dose of XOLAIR for Subcutaneous Use

Administering the Subcutaneous Injection for XOLAIR

Spoilage Replacement Program

If the XOLAIR prescribed for a labeled indication was spoiled and unable to be administered, the product might be eligible for replacement through the Genentech Spoilage Replacement Program.*

*Subject to certain limitations and conditions. The Spoilage Replacement Program covers infused or injected Genentech products.

Contact a Representative

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