Allergic Asthma is the most prevalent form of asthma. Approximately 60% of asthma patients have Allergic Asthma 2 and 75% of patients aged ≥12 years with moderate to severe asthma were found to have Allergic Asthma in a separate study. 3 For pediatric asthma patients, prevalence of Allergic Asthma grows to 4 out of 5. 4 For appropriate asthma patients 6 years of age and older, when you know it’s Allergic Asthma, think XOLAIR.

IgE, immunoglobulin E.


XOLAIR is for patients aged 6 years and older with moderate to severe persistent Allergic Asthma who are uncontrolled on inhaled corticosteroids (ICS). 1

Additional Information

  • XOLAIR is the only FDA-approved biologic drug specifically designed to treat Allergic Asthma
  • More than 200,000 patients 12 years of age and older have been prescribed XOLAIR since approved in 2003 (based on US data) 10

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XOLAIR for Appropriate Allergic Asthma Patients 6 Years or Older

Who Might Be Appropriate for XOLAIR?

Patients with moderate to severe asthma 1:

  • Uncontrolled on ICS
  • With sensitivity to a perennial aeroallergen (eg, dust mites, pet dander, cockroach debris)
  • Aged ≥6 years

Patients aged 6 to <12 years 1:

  • Total IgE level of ≥30 to 1300 IU/mL
  • Body weight of 44 to 330 pounds

Patients aged ≥12 years 1:

  • Total IgE level of ≥30 to 700 IU/mL
  • Body weight of 66 to 330 pounds

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XOLAIR Mechanism of Action (MOA)—Designed to Target IgE 1

XOLAIR is the only biologic specifically designed to block IgE, which limits the release of mediators in the early and late phases of the allergic inflammatory cascade 1,5-7

  • Limits mast cell degranulation 6
  • Downregulates high-affinity IgE receptors (FcεRI) 1

XOLAIR is a recombinant, DNA-derived, humanized IgG1κ monoclonal antibody. 1

XOLAIR is not indicated for other allergic conditions.

IgG1κ, immunoglobulin G1κ.

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