Patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU) often remain symptomatic despite treatment with H1 antihistamines. 18,19 In 2014, XOLAIR became the only FDA-approved CIU treatment 22 for patients 12 years of age and older when antihistamines are not enough. Based on US data, XOLAIR has been prescribed for more than 30,000 appropriate CIU patients. 10

CIU Symptoms and Characteristics

CIU is a condition characterized by itch and hives that are idiopathic and last for 6 weeks or more. 18,19 Here are some common characteristics:

  • Women are twice as likely as men to experience CIU, 19 and the greatest incidence is seen between 20 and 40 years of age. 18
  • Hives appear suddenly and are usually recurrent; generally, individual hives last less than 24 hours, but new hives often develop simultaneously at different sites on the skin. 18,19

CIU Can Be an Ongoing Cycle

Even after finding a diagnosis, about 50% of CIU patients continue to experience itch and hives, despite H1 antihistamine treatment. 18,19 View the XOLAIR CIU clinical study results.

Who Might Be Appropriate for XOLAIR?

XOLAIR may be considered as a treatment option if your patients with CIU:

  • Are still experiencing recurrent itch and hives, despite H1 antihistamine treatment
  • Have had hives for 6 weeks or more that are idiopathic
  • Are ≥12 years

CIU Patient Stories

Patients experiencing symptoms of CIU often see multiple doctors over several years before receiving a CIU diagnosis. Watch the video below to see a patient with CIU, who may be similar to the ones in your practice, talk about her journey with CIU. To view more videos like this, visit the CIU Patient Stories page. (Patients featured in these videos received compensation to share their story.)

Stephanie’s Journey With CIU

It took a long time for Stephanie to accept that CIU has no known cause. But she couldn't accept that she continued to have CIU symptoms on H1 antihistamines. With the help of her allergist, she decided to give XOLAIR a try.